How to Make Dehydrated garlic Powder at Home?

Garlic-PowderYes, you read it right! It is possible to make fresh garlic into dehydrated garlic powder at home in a hassle-free manner. This will help you to store garlic for a really long period. You can get dehydrated garlic flakes or powder in the market too as there are plenty of manufacturers that are into the business of manufacturing dehydrated garlic and Onion in more than a single form.

In India, Bagora Dehydrates is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the same. With its own R&D unit, the company is doing commendable job in manufacturing many different types of dehydrated products. To make dehydrated garlic powder at home, you need to just follow a few simple steps mentioned below.

  • First peel the paper from the fresh garlic cloves. If you identify any black spot over any clove, just discard that one or cut out the black portion with a knife.
  • Next, you need to cut all the cloves half lengthwise as this will reduce the time for dehydrating them.
  • Now, place the garlic cloves on a baking sheet of a pre-heated oven. The oven should have a temperature of over 150 degree F so that each of the fresh pieces of garlic can turn into a dehydrated one. Turn the pieces till they get dried completely.
  • Now, place dehydrated garlic in a grinder to turn it into a perfect powder. Note, this may not give you the desired results as it is made at home.
  • Separate the small garlic clumps from the Dehydrated garlic powder for any other usage.
  • The last step is off course to put all the Dehydrated garlic Powder in a container and to place the container in a cool dry area of your kitchen.

It should be always remembered while usage of dehydrated garlic powder that 1/8 tea spoon of the same equals to about half tea spoon of fresh garlic flakes. As garlic is always used in little quantity to add a tangy flavor, information about the usage of same while cooking is vital. Dehydrated garlic powder is best suitable for adding in soups, stews and sauces. You can use this powder in any other dish where texture is not important at all.

However, it is better to have Dehydrated garlic Powder from the market as it is available in almost all supermarkets at reasonable pricing and making it at home can turn into a bit time consuming affair.

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